Workshops 2022

Deep Herbalism & the Gaian Folk Perspective

w/ Morgan Brent

Abuelo Tabaco

w/ Andres Duque

Shamanism and Plant Totems

w/ Jan Kinsey

Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing with Mugwort

w/ Eostar Kamala & Mathias

Heart of Nature

Song Circle

w/ Shiloh Circle

Cacao Ritual

w/ Eostar Kamala & Mathias

Songs for the
Elements & Plants

w/ Leora Borealis

Kava Social


We are the Alder People:

Renewing Ancestral Roots in a Clear-cut Culture

w/ Scott Kloos

Medicine Wheel Plant Ceremony

w/ Andy Swanson

Blue Lotus Ceremony

w/ Lindsay Liana Sophia

Dancing in the Dream Time

 Mugwort Sleepover

w/ Rosie Kenny & Adam Rivenbark

Yarrow Ceremony

w/ Jan Kinsey

How to perform a Limpia

w/ Eric York


w/ Morgan Brent

Mugwort Introduction To Moxibustion

w/ Stephanie Wirth L.Ac.

more to be announced ...