Plants enChant 2024
July 26th -28th

near Silverton, OR

Plant Lore & Ceremonies

Song Circles

Star Tribe

Teacher Plants
& the Medicine of their Ways

Angel Wash

Arts & Crafts

Family Friendly


What is Plants enChant?

Plants enChant is a gathering dedicated to the Way of the plants, aka, medicine culture.  We invite communion with the plant kin-dom thru the healing arts of herbal attunements, medicine-making, wild-crafting, singing and sounding, tell-a-visioning, ceremonies, crafting, and community building.   Our lineage ‘DNA’ can be summed as:  NW Herbal Faire + Teacher plant traditions + sparkly fairy dust + Singing Alive +  the Great Galactic Mystery  =  Plants enChant

The herbalism we know as a pleasantly quaint country craft, or lately, a more benign form of pharmacy, is far removed from its more perennial form, which runs the pulse of Gaian consciousness, and acts in accord with Nature’s corrective influence in the human sphere.  As the rebalancing forces of Creation eases us thru an ‘herbal renaissance’, and more recently a ‘psychedelic renaissance’, we have opportunities to explore and co-create a re-unified, re-vitalized herbalism.  

The resulting full-spectrum, growing edge of herbalism honors plants (and fungi) as elders in a society of nature.  It regards them as mentors to the adolescent human species, educating us on the original instrcutions, and how to flourish as life forms. .  .  In their yet more primal aspect, plants are ‘umbilical cords to Gaia’ (Rosemary Gladstar); they ‘help us remember’ (Stephen Buhner).  When we we activate our abilities to receive this guidance, to embody and even become it, we are ‘recruited to the cause’ of the earth healing herself, evolving herself, thru us, thru our lives. .  

As increasing numbers of us emerge from the chrysalis of egoic conditioning, we spread the wings of our species maturity, drawn to the heights of our destiny in the planetary design.  To perform the Gaian dream, our dream, we recognize that it is time for a new sun to dawn, for the human heart to light a new path for creation. Plants, as seekers of the light, help us clear the clouds from our heart, from our minds, awakening us to the spontaneous life of our inherent divinity.

Restored to our senses, we find beauty in the walk of life, and find the world magically alive, conversant, and enChanted.   Tuned to the ’Nature channel, we become conscious players in the Gaian metabolism, and and discover ourselves in service to the well-being of Life, to All that is.


Go here for offerings from past years


2024 will be the 9th year for this gathering.  Come be part of the new growth!

This is a family-friendly event, with generous space made for children

ages 12 and under are free, 13-17 are half price