Living on the Land

Our gathering is located in a small, old growth canyon, surrounded by, but out of sight of, stretches of orchards and farmland.  The space is very private.  We will be spending our time together immersed in forest (and meadow) life.  The grounds can be rough, pathways sometimes uneven, and in places, a little steep and there are a few small footbridges.  Please be aware of where you are stepping, and assess where you are setting up camp with a thorough evaluation of your surroundings. . 


  • For safety, and enjoyment of the beautiful nature setting there will be no parking or cars within the main gathering grounds.
  • Parking will be directed upon arrival. There are 2 main parking lots and one small RV camping lot. You are welcome to sleep in your car but flat spots are not guaranteed.  Parking is as directed only.  Do not set up tents in the parking areas, including in RV camping.
  • Do not drive your vehicle past the hairpin turn. Thank you!


  • Composting toilets, and hand washing stations, will be located in the main event area, parking lots, and camping grounds.
  • Peeing in the woods, bushes, and along pee paths is encouraged.  Please do not pee in the walking paths, gathering places, meadows, grassy areas, or anywhere people will be walking or sitting.


  • There is a small farm pond up the hill from our main gathering space.  Please feel free to take a dip and refresh at your own risk and discretion.  Clothing optional.  Children must be supervised.
  • The pond and surrounding meadows also provide a space for soaking in the sun or night sky.


  • We will have a tea house with hot water, and prepared herbal drinks.  All the water faucets on the land have drinkable well water
  • Herbal, sweet, or creamy donations to the tea house are also happily welcomed.


  • Deep nature immersion is part of the enchantment of this gathering. Bring a tent, rainfly, warm sleeping gear, and flashlight. Camping is in designated areas only. There is no camping in the main event areas ~ please refer to the map and check in with registration for further direction.  Sleeping in vehicles is fine, but setting up tents in the parking areas is not allowed.

Sinks / Shower

  • There will be a hot shower tents near the tea house. Please take quick showers.
  • Hand washing and teeth brushing sinks will be set up near the kitchen.  This is potable well water, so a good place to fill up water bottles


  • This is a ? plant-based ? event. Complimentary meals will be offered and shared in the common area.

  • Plants enChant will provide the basic ingredients for these nourishing creations, and a dedicated team to prepare them.

  • Please bring food items to share ~ extra produce from the garden, fruit from an orchard, a big bag of your favorite granola or snack food, honey.   This does not include cleaning out your pantry, or refrigerator, of old stuff you don’t want any more.   We are not a food bank.  Please bring things of good quality, with a sense that you are contributing to an ‘altar of food’. 
  • Please keep it plant-based and label ingredients where appropriate. Thank you!


  • Pack in, pack out. Leave nothing behind, carry out your own trash rather than depositing it in the kitchen receptacles. Thank you.


  • Kids 12 and under are free
  • Kids area is open for kids with an adult