Work Trade Application 

Our gatherings focus on co-creative, heart-based relationships with the song and plant kin-doms, the medicine that comes of such relationships, and the words and melodies that carry the teachings and vibration of their healing power.  Please be aware that we are largely a DIY event, so there is much interweaving between attendees, volunteers, WTers, and staff in the performance of the tasks needed to keep the gatherings humming smoothly 

We have work trade opportunities in a number of areas:

      • registration
      • parking
      • food preparation and kitchen work
      • children’s area
      • tea house
      • sanitation (attending sinks, showers, and compost toilets),
      • trash and recycling,
      • site tending during the event  (tidying workshop/circle spaces, and the main meadow)
      • site crew (transitioning the site from inactive to active, and back again)

Confirmed work traders will need to complete a ticket registration.  Your ticket price will be refunded after successful completion of your WT duties.  If you have worked for us in the past and had full work trade or a paid position please include a note about that.

Work trade hours vary somewhat depending on the position/crew. Those working during the event will generally be assigned 16 scheduled hours. More hours may be required of those working before or after the event, as the exchange will include more meals, nights of camping, and free time to participate in the event itself.

Work crew members must arrive on site by no later than 7pm Wednesday July 26th, unless otherwise scheduled/arranged with your team leader. Anyone that does not show up by 7pm Wednesday July 26th, may lose their position – unless alternate arrival time was arranged. Please be in close communication around arrival times if you are assigned a role.

Unless they have previously worked at Singing Alive Cascadia, and/or Plants enChant, potential work traders must meet, or converse by phone, with the organizers before officially receiving a WT position.


Plants enChant 2023 Work Trade Application