Cacao is an ancient plant medicine spirit, most widely known to be used by the ancient Maya. It’s been called “bitter water”, “drink of the gods” and “heart blood”. It is a medicine that works deeply with our heart and subtle bodies to activate, surrender and release so that we may journey closer to the essence of our true being.

In this experiential cacao ceremony we will dive deep into the medicine of our heart and sacred sound by expanding our being, coming into heart coherence and finding our voice and unique vibrational frequency. We will journey on the wings of this moment, through breath work and gentle stretching to open our channel and prepare our bodies for sound. We will soar to great heights by activating our entire being through toning and sounding and  then kiss the sun, the moon the stars, uniting our voices in sacred song. And finally coming to rest upon the Earth to receive a deep nourishing soundscape.

facilitated by:
Kat Alta ~Inter-Galactic Earth Mama~ is an intuitive guide, nature enthusiast, mystical yoga instructor, plant medicine advocate and sound alchemist. She encourages people to remember their essence and radiate their heart truth, awakening the magic within and expanding the heart from fear to love.
She honors the importance for people to gather, celebrate, create and grieve in ceremony and ritual, so we remember who we are, remember our roots and remember our hearts and power. The spaces she creates are sacred, potent, compassionate and inclusive allowing people to feel seen and honored in their journey of remembrance.
Alta has been working with the cacao spirit for over three years, traveling across the country and world to work with its healing properties. She loves working with cacao as it helps to calm the nervous system and busy mind, bringing us to the present moment and opening the heart, activating the creative potential and nourishing the whole body.

She feels blessed to be walking her path, reclaiming her medicine and sharing her passions with others along the way.