We are the Alder People:
Renewing Ancestral Roots in a Clear-cut Culture

w/ Scott Kloos

Even though many in our culture do not cultivate relationships with or honor our ancestors or the spirits of the lands in which we live, the ancestral forces are making themselves available to guide us through these turbulent times. Many of our current challenges, including an understanding of who we are or of how we relate as humans to the greater web of life is, may be attributed to a lack of relationship to these beings. In this workshop we will discuss ways to make these connections and the Plant Teachers who can help facilitate the renewal of these relationships. We will focus on the teachings of Alder who initiates the restoration of devastated land and inspires us to repair the inner devastation wrought by the dominant industrial culture. Come join me in singing songs of remembrance to make way for the spirits of renewal.

Scott Kloos—ceremonialist, author, wildcrafter, plant medicine maker and practitioner, animist, singer of plant songs, and aspiring integral ecologist—guides The School of Forest Medicine and Cascadia Folk Medicine and is author of Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 120 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness. Through his writing and his facilitation of co-created spaces of learning and healing, he explores various ways of working with plants and their medicine, relationships with our nonhuman kin, and ecologically integral modes of engaging with and thinking with the community of life.