Cacao Ritual

w/ Eostar and Mathias

Join ceremonial facilitators and musicians Eostar and Mathias for a special Cacao Ritual – with Mathias’ “Decadent Cacao” – to connect us all to each other and feel the bliss of being on the wings of the “food of the Gods” and sacred songs.  Eostar and Mathias have been holding Breathwork, Cacao and other sacred ceremonies for many years.  This will be a fun evening of community, connection and sacred plant-ritual re-imagined.

Eostar and Mathias
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eostar and Mathias have been submersed in the tribal, conscious and medicine music subculture for over three decades.

Hungarian born Eostar Kamala channels deep lyrics and original songs from the mystical muse.  Mathias delivers masterful transcendental guitar improvisations that take the listener on an inward  journey.  Eostar and Mathias’s voices and guitars blend together with a refined sound of unity.  Together, “Eostar and Mathias“ have been known to induce both deep trance and/or ecstatic dance bliss states.  Audiences depart with hearts wide open and connected to the higher source within.  Eostar and Mathias have performed at major festivals along the West Coast including Bhakti Fest, PranaFest, Oregon Country Fair, Peace Village, Inlakesh Fest, Harmony Festival and they have toured internationally.  Eostar and Mathias are also Breathwork instructors and sacred plant medicine ceremony facilitators.

In 2010 Eostar and Mathias founded WEB of ONE – a 5 piece original, psychedelic, devotional, transcendental dance-rock fusion band. They published an album titled “West Coast Alive” (2012) – a collection of high quality live performance recordings.

Their debut studio album “Illuminate” was released in 2016.  “Illuminate” draws on a wide range of spiritual and musical traditions. All songs are at once expansive and intimate. Weaving together musical instruments from around the world, cradled in an overtly western psychedelic rock foundation, “Illuminate” draws the listener into a deep sonic experience with a richness that continues to reveal itself through many listens.  

Legendary musicians joined in the creation of this ambitious album:
Joe Craven ( Jerry Garcia/ Grisman)
Wally Ingram ( Phil Lesh/ David Nelson)
Zoltan Lantos ( Lorrena McKennitt )
Jason Crasby ( Phil Lesh/ Mahavishnu Orchestra)
Evan Frazer  ( Dirt Wire/ Dogon Lights ) And many others.
Hero’s Journey – Video
Eostar and Mathias Live in concert 2021:
Let Go
Help is on the Way