Calling all Ganga-loving visionaries and collaborators! This 2 hr intensive is for those inspired to co-create a Conscious Cannabis culture. Merlyn of Gaia is seeding a network of experimental, residential, SativaLife Centers along the West Coast. This will be SativaLife’s first public gathering … a vision-seed planting ceremony.With full legalization, from Alaska to California, let us now cultivate a culture that reveals cannabis to be not merely a profitable “product,” labelledMedicinalorRecreational, but an illuminating plant “ally” –ConsciousCannabis!So … what kind of psycho-spiritual-embodied group explorations and personal guidance might SativaLife offer? How do you envision a Ganga Sangha that nourishes? Can you imagine Conscious Cannabisinitiation weekends for SativaLife young adults (18 is legal) in Canada?Experiential professional development workshops for therapists and clergy? Join usto meditate, sing, and breathe seed-visions, closing with a joyous ceremony.In the course of the sharing, Merlyn will speak about the current vision, and, briefly, the 4 Ss(Set, Setting, Skills, Sangha), the 3 Cs (Connection, Consciousness, Creativity) and 3 Ps(Presence, Possibility, Passion).

BIO:Merlyn of Gaia, Ph.D. (formerly, Rabbi Yakov Travis) is a cannabis-loving educator, entrepreneur, and visionary, living a semi-nomadic life along the West Coast. After building a leading solar energy training school, he followed a Gaian call to travel, re-wild his body, decondition his mind and further dismantle his persona as an out-of-the-box orthodox rabbi –ordained by the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem–and innovative professor of Jewish mysticism—Ph.D. from Brandeis University. Yakov emerged from a disciplined decade in Jerusalem, probing the ancient Hebrew Scriptures, the arcane Kabbalah. Merlynemerged from an adventurous wizardly life, often in the woods, or by the waters, day by glorious day, flowing with the Sacred Violet Flameenergy, receiving direct gnosis from Cannabis meditations and delightful synchronicities.