Dumbledore Talks Mushrooms, Magic Meets Science

Jay Cusker & Jan Kinsey

Jay Cusker (Mental Health Therapist, Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator, and Psychonaut) will be sharing “Dumbledore Talks Mushrooms, Magic Meets Science”. In his work as an Oregon Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator, one of his clients saw him as Dumbledore. In an altered state of consciousness, this is true. Jay will talk about treatment protocols, share stories of clients’ journeys (over a hundred, from out of state and internationally), and how Jay’s life and intimate relationship with psilocybin has aligned precisely at this time, to serve as a vessel for this sacred work towards raising the collective consciousness. 

Jan Kinsey (Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer) will lead a shamanic journey to the spirit of psilocybin and the mycelium network. You will be invited to meet the spirit of psilocybin, introduce yourself and create a relationship with the mycelium network and mushroom. What is its medicine and message for you?

As Paul Stamets says, “The Mycelium is Listening.”