Hawthorne: Shamanic Sound Journeys and Songs of Love, Surrender & Courage


with Jan Kinsey & Morgan Brent


Join us in ceremony with Hawthorne. We will drink an elixir made from the plant, take shamanic journeys, and sing and tone with the plant spirit. 

The focus of this ceremony is to 

  • experience a healing from the hawthorne plant spirit
  • develop a working relationship with hawthorne
  • learn how its medicine pertains to you and your community. 

Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar states that hawthorne is one of the most effective remedies for grief and deep sadness. Hawthorne is in the rose family, and is often combined with rose. 

The flower essence is used for opening the heart to giving and receiving love, for healing heartache, and for encouraging self-love and self-acceptance, and for supporting courage.

This tree takes on an important role in faery lore, as the seer “Thomas the Rhymer” starts his underworld journey from a hawthorne tree.

Morgan has lead ceremonies with visionary plants and lead song circles for decades. He is the main organizer for Singing Alive and Plants enChant. Jan has years of leading shamanic journeys with medicinal plants found in the Cascadia bio region.

More information on Morgan here (https://fairycongress.com/personnel/morgan-brent/), and Jan here (https://fairycongress.com/personnel/jan-kinsey/)


“When in the future humankind has harnessed the power of LOVE
it will have for a second time discovered FIRE.”
– Teilhard de Chardin