Mindfulness in Microdosing

Eostar Kamala

After the popular weekly Microdosing FAQ Zoom Calls and 6-week Mindfulness in Microdosing Courses that Eostar has been leading, she will talk about her experience in microdosing psychedelics in an intentional and conscious container.

Based on her interviews with clients, Eostar found that many people who try microdosing on their own, don’t get much of a result because they do not persevere staying on a protocol over at least a few months period of time. They also often lack guidance or an intentional container.  “Mindfulness in Microdosing” is an answer to a growing demand from people who want sustainable break-throughs and radical positive transformation in their lives and who wish to microdose mindfully.

Eostar will lead participants through the A-Z of microdosing and will also discuss mindfulness practices that can effectively enhance results.  “Mindfulness in Microdosing” is radically different from haphazard dropping random amounts of psychedelics. We will work together in a small group to establish the right dosage and the right protocol for everyone and combine these with practices such as breathwork, meditation, intention setting, journaling and understanding radical Self-Love. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss personal experiences.

Eostar holds a Master’s degree in Education, she is a certified yoga instructor, a certified breathwork facilitator and a certified Master Hypnotist. She has been supporting people in their healing journey for many years, using the many modalities she has been trained in. Eostar is also a musician who facilitates sacred ceremonies. Her experience with sacred plant medicines goes back decades in time, including several trips to Peru where she was working with a shaman.