Join us in ceremony with oak. We will start with an oak elixir and us the flower essence of oak. We will doing shamanic journeys to the spirit of the oak tree. We will be singing oak songs, sitting in silence with the oak; working, breathing and being oak.

Oak tree has been calling to us . One of the attributes of oak is that it assists in the recuperation after a long depression. As we come out of COVID and back into community, we ask for the assistance of oak.

“Oak supports extraordinary stamina, tenacity, and endurance. It teaches perseverance without rigidity and that true strength comes through joy, helping people to stand strong in what may be the harshest storms of their lives.”
– Carole Guyett (Sacred Plant Initiations)

Jan Kinsey utilizes shamanic healing practices and energy work to address underlying causes that are manifesting as dis-ease or emotional imbalances. Originally from Norway, he now calls Cascadia home.  He has been studying shamanism and hands-on healing for close to 25 years. The last 4 years have been spent working with spiritist healers in Brazil, working with visionary plants, and completing an intensive shamanic training program.