Walking through the world as sensitive human beings, plants allies can help support us in many ways. Our connection to plants can strengthen us, give us grounding and clearing tools, and keep us healthy energetically. This class will cover grounding techniques that connect us with herbs and trees, clearing energetic spaces with herbs, and aura work with plant allies. We will discuss the importance of deepening our relationship with plants for energetic work, with a discussion about the varied ways that empaths communicate with them. A focus will be in celebrating the human connection to the beautiful & generous Rose family, through song and flower essence. Journey work will lead participants in finding plant allies to add to their auric field to strengthen & aid in grounding. 

facilitated by:
Rebecca Minifie ~ Medicinal plants first spoke to Rebecca while working in native flora restoration in 1998. Since then, Rebecca has passionately studied herbal medicine, through a two year wild-crafting and botany apprenticeship, four years of organic farming medicinal herbs and vegetables at an Oregon CSA farm, and by working with the many wise herbs in her yearly medicinal garden. She is a recent graduate of the four year Blue Iris Mystery School. Rebecca is a medicine maker, ethical wild-crafter, and plant advocate, sharing her love of plants as part of her life’s work. She has taught herbal medicine for over 10 years through workshops, apprenticeships, class series, and with private herbal consultations. Rebecca has worked with the Rose family for over 20 years and loves sharing their insights. She loves helping people transform through finding plant allies and tuning into their own body wisdom. She received her massage license in 2017 and specializes in Craniosacral therapy and supporting women with chronic illness.