An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides. 

Channeling is a phenomena through which a human being enters a state of consciousness that allows a being from a higher dimension to speak through them automatically. A channel or medium attunes their frequency to the energy of beings in non-physical levels of reality, and through this match of frequencies, telepathic communication takes place.

However, you do not need to believe in channeling to benefit from the information shared in the session.

facilitated by:
Dante Singh ~ I am a channel for a group of beings from the Pleiades star-system, a commonly channeled soul group with very deep connections to humanity. These beings have been present with us, energetically supporting our journey since humanity’s inceptions.

For me channeling opened up through a culmination of practices and experiences and just the flow of life itself. Studying with shamanic teachers who channeled and listening extensively to channeled beings with great enthusiasm in a meditative way was a big part of how my channel opened. The first beings to present themselves to me were angels. When I was comfortable for deeper contact, the Pleiadian beings came to me and said that they wished for me to be an anchor for their frequency and help people on the planet through their ascension process.