In this workshop, we will be co-creating a ceremony through the practice & explanation of setting sacred space rituals with cleansing plants such as sage, copal, and palo santo. Through this rituals, we will experience the energetic effects that using these plants in this way produces or rather clears up. We will also call the 4 elemental directions in and sit in a mediation with the spirits of rose & dandelion tea to bring in the energy of fairies, flowers, and other magical spirits that want to share their voice through us through channeled song.

We will be working with sage and copal, which are all plants that I have personally harvested both in the states and in Mexico. I have a deep relationship with these plants and work them daily to cleanse my field as well as for all public ceremonies and rituals. I also have a deep and intimate relationship with roses and dandelion; harvest and speak with them often, as well as brew them in teas and infusions that lead for channeled songs to come through me from the divine nature spirits.