Reciprocity in Relationship with Plant Kin

with Melissa Rose Schaefer

Building true Gaian reciprocity with our plant kin means first shifting from extractive or distracted paradigms of plant medicine to one of deeper spiritual relationship. We are invited to listen deeply to the voices of the plant realm in order to understand how we may tend reciprocity with these beings, and the whole of the natural world, in both spiritual and practical ways. The deeper relationships forged through reciprocity offer us an opportunity to receive the fullness of the healing, wisdom and magic that the plants have to offer. 

 In this workshop we will discuss perceptual, ritual and lifestyle elements that create a container for active reciprocity with Gaia and the plant realm. We will be introduced to five Pillars of Gaian Reciprocity and have the opportunity to practice them with a medicine plant ally in experiential, meditative and playful ways. This will include playing with our senses and hearts as gateways of perception to connect with the plants for deeper listening.