Where in the shamanic geography do the nature spirits reside? What are the roles and practices of the shaman? How can we navigate this geography? Who are the nature spirits? We will be doing shamanic journeys to visit them and learn how to navigate the Middle World safely. As shamans our task is to restore the earth. Be prepared to dive in. This multi-dimensional world is intimately alive.   

facilitated by:
Jan Kinsey ~ has been studying shamanism and hands-on healing for close to 20 years. He grew up in Norway and spent a lot of time out in the woods where he met dwarves, elves and tree people. He has recently completed a 2 year shamanism program with Michelle McKinney and is currently studying advanced topics with her. He has also studied weather shamanism with Nan Moss. Is currently studying “Working with the Spirits of Nature” with Sandra Ingerman. He has been involved with organizing the Fairy & Human Relations Congress since 2003. People call him a witch. He’s always wildcrafting something.

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