Come join a song circle focused on songs about elements and plants. Through call and response we learn songs that honor the wind, fire, earth water and how these elements live and move through us. Calling in our plant allies, we will sing songs for the plants. We will sing sweet songs and also warrior songs of resilience.

Leora has always loved to sing and has an encyclopedic memory for songs. She has collected songs from 12 years attending Singing Alive and has a song for every occasion and moment. Being a part of this singing community inspired her to study to art of song leading and helped her bloom into a song carrier. Leora loves time in nature, especially swimming and sunbathing, and uses plant allies on daily basis for health and healing. Her favorite plant medicine is Cacao, which inspired her business “Leora’s Chocolates”. Blending her interest in herbs and cacao she created Herbal Cacao Elixirs that you can find at stores in the Northwest and on her website,