Every year @ Plants enChant we explore yet another facet of Deep Herbalism, plant-inspired teachings that help us navigate terrains of personal, social, and planetary transformation. A theme this year will be Integration from this journey of disruption we been thru, this great collective ceremony of deaths and rebirths, both little and big. The plants have helped us to see the many things that are possible, to experience how magic can happen. They have given us more faith in ourselves, and urged us to become more self-responsible, to come into our power as humans. We now need to test ourselves, to spread our wings, to get away from the idea that we need anything external to us blossom . We need to practice, to find out where we are blocked, and what are our successes, so we can approach our growth with the help of a teacher in better ways. To mature our engagements with plants, the previous lessons need to be metabolized, be worked thru, to make way for, to give space to, the next level, or grade, of lessons.
Though we will touch on some useful imaginal, self-cultivation practices, such as the column of light, human flowering, and moving thru the pandemic ‘eye of the needle’, much of this discussion on integration will dovetail Deep Herbalist perspectives with those of the Galactic family, which is rapidly ‘outing’ the game of existence, the cyclic forgetting of our origins, and subsequent remembering, that we humans have been playing for millennia. What role do plants play in this ‘age of remembering’ we are entering? In our higher dimensional education? What might it look like when our raised awareness of Nature’s social network has normalized communications between ourselves and other relams of the natural world?

facilitated by:
Morgan Brent ~ an educator, event organizer, and ceremonialist. He received a PhD in anthropology at the Univ. of Hawaii, specializing in the spiritual ecology of medicinal plants. He has worked extensively with plant-inspired wisdoms, and allies himself with Nature’s efforts to ‘save the humans’ thru catalyzing the various dimensions of our evolution. He is a co-founder of Singing Alive events, as well as Plants enChant.