Abuelo Tabaco

w/ Andres Duque

The Tobacco – power plant

In the history of many cultures, traditions and worldviews, tobacco has been used as a power plant for different purposes such as rituals, ceremonies, offerings, payments, witchcraft, or simply to connect a prayer with the creator.

In this conversation we are going to talk about the importance of this power plant for one of our indigenous communities in Colombia… the Uitoto – Murui Muinane.

We are going to talk about one of the myths about this plant. We will also talk about the 4 powers that this plant has and what its 4 allies are. Thus, we are going to exolore a different way of being with the plant, inviting us to shift our relationship with it.

Bio: This wonderful ally, when we know how to work with it, can help us in any area of our lives. I have been working with this plant for more than 4 years, leading me to discover, investigate and be able to share with different elders and communities about its work and uses.

My name is Andres Duque. I work with mambe and ambil, rapé and other power medicines. I work as a healer using different techniques such as reiki, akashic records, nlp, meditations and conscious breathing exercises.