Eostar is going to teach a particular type of breathwork Pranayama that will allow the participants to experience a deep state of relaxation and experience out-of-body dreamlike states. In this heightened state of consciousness we will engage our senses to experience what is beyond physicality. With the help of Mugwort, the lucid-dreaming herb, we will be experiment with intensifying and enhancing the texture, resolution and complexity of our inner visions.

ESZTER GAVALLER a.k.a. EOSTAR KAMALA  When I was 21 years old, I read a book by Rudiger Dahlke: “Illness, the Language of the Soul”. This book defined the way I approached the healing of physical symptoms from that point on. I wanted to dig deep into the root where illness forms. In my twenties I got through graduate school to become a school-teacher, but I had no real interest in that career. I was an artist and a healer at heart, as I started to find out. While training with an art teacher and becoming a painter, training with a music teacher and becoming a musician, I was also very drawn to yoga and spirituality. I completed my yoga teacher training and went on to be a devotional musician, sound healer, yoga teacher and devotional/visionary visual artist. Later I moved to California and founded a devotional music band with my partner with whom we toured extensively and recorded albums. This took a lot of my time and energy but at the same time I was also very drawn to live out my passion to help myself and others heal.

Even though the music and art I was engaging in was healing in nature, I continued searching for more clues as far as the root cause of illness and how it could be cured. I spent years figuring out what diet allows for the best results in my health. For 6 years I was an avid “raw-foodist” vegan, I even worked at a healing center as a “raw chef” and taught classes. Raw Living Foods helped me with detox, I kicked a few major chronic symptoms, and yet I felt that my journey with food was mostly just a coping tool. In 2011 I took Elena Tonetti’s “Birth Into Being” facilitator training. ( www.birthintobeing.com). That same year I also completed “Theta Healing – Level 1 training” with Judy Dragon. Both of these modalities were effective in my own personal healing and I felt like I was on the right track in searching for the ultimate recovery and the ultimate way to help others as well. I continued apprenticing with Elena Tonetti and held several Birth Into Being retreats at Harbin Hotsprings in California.

Around this time I got deeply involved with ancient teacher plants – Ayahuasca and Huachuma – because I felt that through them I was able to access to deepest realms of my psyche where real change and real healing could occur. I studied with a shaman in Peru and I also started facilitating healing sessions for groups. I was ready to move to Peru to deepen into the study of shamanism when I was diagnosed with cancer. In that moment I realized that Ayahuasca, chanting mantras, eating raw foods and painting mandalas was not enough to cure what was denied in the shadow of my psyche and I needed to continue my research into the nature of true healing.

I knew that I needed to change my course and dive even deeper into becoming a healer through healing myself first. I spent a year and a half and lots of money trying to fix myself naturally using a myriad of alternative tools and the help of many health practitioners. Eventually I needed surgery to remove the tumor. However, in spite of the fact that I was not able to shrink the tumor down to nothing, I know that I healed some very ancient and very deep wounds using many different alternative healing modalities, and I am much more of an integrated and whole being than I was before I got through the initiation of cancer.

In the ecstasy of being given a new lease on Life – I took all 5 levels of Michael Brian Baker’s “Anatomy of Awakening” breathwork training (thebreathcenter.com ) and I am about to finish my certification process in that modality. I am passionate about the power of breath in opening pathways to access the hidden and suppressed parts of our being. I continued searching for healing modalities that I could combine with breathwork and that was when I found Gilbert Renaud’s “Recall Healing” ( www.recallhealing.com) – of which I completed both Level 1 and Level 2 trainings.

In this moment I work with several clients helping them heal, among them cancer-patients. I combine inner child work, parts work, ancestral healing, birth trauma and conception trauma healing (Birth Into Being) and breath-work. I also use elements from “Recall Healing” (Gilbert Renaud), “The Completion Process” (Teal Swan), “Radical Forgiveness” (Collin Tipping), Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) as well as ancient yogic and shamanic wisdom teachings. I give recommendations for life-style choices through yoga, diet and cleansing practices. I hold sound healing ceremonies and I work with ancient teacher plants. As a whole, I call it “The Life Giving Path”.

My website: www.eostar.net/healing-and-yoga