AshEL believes everyone has a song and can channel songs to assist others or as prayers for the world. He will demonstrate by offering personalized medicine songs or freestyle prayers for some of the participants and share his process. Additionally, we will playfully explore and activate our voice, spirit communication, and manifestation power with Star Language/Celestial Speech as transmitted via Grandmaster Le-Tian from Tian Gong.

Facilitated by
AshEL SeaSunZ ~He is a creative focused on intergenerational healing. He is a TEDx speaker, founder of the music/art collective, Earth Amplified, and a vocalist with West African/West Oakland band Dogon Lights. is his critically acclaimed rideshare webisode. Currently, AshEL is bringing a unique perspective to the spiritual world music scene with a background in hip hop and his own touch on traditional and modern fusion of instruments and style. His new project, Soulestial Chvrch is inspired by the transformative power of plant medicines and self-realization practice.