Communication with Plants, Animals, and Nature Beings

Ingrid Larson

Communication with plants, animals, and Earth is an innate ability that we all have. Do you have a special connection to a place that you would like to connect even more deeply with? Would you like to have a conversation with your pets, wildlife you’ve encountered, or other nature beings? Animals, nature beings, mountains, bodies of water, and Earth can all be excellent guides and teachers. Connecting with these beings is one of my greatest joys, and anyone can experience this.

In this workshop people can ask questions of any being of nature and I’ll relay what they want to communicate. We can also practice listening as a group. Gain a deeper understanding of who they are and why they may do certain things.

Bio: I am a graduate of Dr. Maia Kinkaid’s Nature Communication Certification Program.

I’ve always been able to feel energy from people, animals, plants, and spirits. I even used to try to convince my friends to join me in trying to telepathically communicate with the crows on the playground in elementary school.

I wasn’t receiving words at that point; and I didn’t know yet that awareness of telepathic communication can also come in the form of words, feelings, images, knowing things, or even a shift in energy.

Years later, I learned about shamanic journeying. Then, I learned to journey inward to meet spirit guides and other soul aspects. This rapidly opened doors to non-ordinary reality and regular communication with spirit guides, interdimensional beings, and many others.

I studied with a Peruvian medicine man who taught me how to reconnect and commune with the energies of the natural world, including mountain and water spirits. He also showed me how to ground my energy by showing appreciation for the Earth.

I joined Maia’s Nature Certification program after taking a few of her beginning animal communication classes. From there, the communication became very clear, and I came to understand how I could receive words, pictures, and entire experiences, and ways of being from plants, animals, and nature spirits.

I am passionate about connecting with animals, nature spirits, and many other beings to bring their voices and energy to anyone who is interested. I love seeing how relationships between people and animals can be transformed.

I have always felt close to animals and very at home in nature. For me, communicating with animals, Gaia, nature beings, and those from other worlds has become an ongoing journey–and I couldn’t imagine living any differently now.


Earthbeing Communication