We will commune with each other and our already-known plant friends through songs of invocation and praise. We will then venture out on the land with guided prompts to listen and receive the new songs that are pulsing in the forest around us. We will re-convene for a time of rich sharing to weave our findings. Inspiration and instruction will be offered for how to create different types of plant songs.

Fifteen years ago, the plants turned Hanna Leigh’s life around. She was headed down a path of religious dogma, and perhaps a more conventional American life, when the plants majorly woke her up and showed her a more expansive way. Her life has been rich with mystery and adventure ever since. One of the many gifts of working with the plants has been the deepening into her authentic singing voice, and she currently leads private and group work to support people in discovering the medicine of their unique voices. She loves this gathering, which weaves her two primary passions of music and earth connection.