Flower Essences are encoded with the vibrational imprints of flowers for a gentle daily immersion of plant medicine and wisdom that helps bring the heart back home. They can be used to enhance emotional well being and awareness. Although safe and gentle, they are simultaneously potent catalysts for creating positive new habits and making empowering choices. They can be used as an aid in transitioning through many of life’s varying circumstances and can also become important tools for personal growth. Bringing flower essences into your life invites you to begin living more fully and aligned with your path. As you do so, you will inevitably experience more peace, happiness, fulfillment and harmony.
In this workshop you will:
identify which plants are calling you to work with them
get a download on some ways to use flower essences
learn to make a Mother Essence and how to transform it into a dosage formula
make you own custom Flower Essence Blend
21 person limit, all materials are included

Devjeet is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. She has been working with clients since 2015 when she completed her Flower Essence Practitioner Program at Woman Rising Mystery School with Joanne Ameya Cohen. She completed the sacred birthing doula program in 2018 and offers this service through her consultations using flower essences as a complementary therapy to empower families through pregnancy, birth and after birth. She is an herbalist, organic farmer, kundalini yoga teacher, nature lover and business owner. Her passion is living a connected and meaningful life!