After receiving a verbal sound healing transmission from Grand Master Li-Tian from his Universal Toaist Alchemy practice called Tian Gong, AshEL Seasunz started incorporating Celestial Language into his healing and musical offerings. Celestial Language uses voice and sounds to do heaiIngs and communicate at soul level. Learn how to heal, pray, and communicate with each other and existence beyond the current limitations of language. PrayerSongs are opportunities to receive prayers as songs to the ancestors, soul, or other specific issues.

AshEL SeaSunZ Eldridge is a creative immersed in healing arts. He is a TEDx speaker, founder of and performer with music/art collective, Earth Amplified, and a vocalist with West African/West Oakland band Dogon Lights. is his critically acclaimed ridshare webisode. Soulestial Church, brings a unique perspective to spiritual world music, transmitting stories and ceremonial songs from spirit. His latest project, EFAM: Essential Foods and Medicine, provides community immunity and ecological restoration by bringing essential foods and medicines for all. He is a believer in the power of sound, meditation, and plant consciousness for global transformation.