Underlying all practices of devotional service is a PERSONALITY. Vrinda Devi is the forest devi presiding over all plants and animals of the transcendental realm, and she manifests in this world as sacred Tulasi (or holy basil).

You will go on a transcendental journey with Hemangi dasi, who has served Tulasi for over four and a half years in Vrinda Devi’s own forest and holy land called Vrindavan in India. Through a drop of the ancient Vedic scriptures hear descriptions of sacred Tulasi’s unlimited, merciful glories. Connect with her through ancient stories of how she got her exalted position and be prepared for her to reveal her own personality to you as you hear gathered personal testimonials, sing song, chants, and worship her through ceremony (puja). Invoke her mercy for you and all living beings through parikrama (circumambulation), prayers, and mere contact with her. Her auspicious seeds will be made available to anyone interested in growing and serving her.

facilitated by:
Hemangi Dasi (Helen Turnitsa) ~ her humble servant