How to perform a Limpia

w/ Eric York

In this workshop the attendees will learn how to clear energy using certain plants, certain plant perfumes which can be made at home (I will give a brief description) & with smoke from palo Santo, sage and other sacred plants less commonly know such as kishwolf (Shasta native Karuk tribe medicine). The limpia will describe why cleaning of energy with sacred plants such as mugwort, sage, singing and shakers is important and how to do it. The limpia in my native Mexican tradition is done with an egg and plants but if this is a sensitive subject to use eggs then I can eliminate it from the explanation. 

Eric York: I have worked with and apprenticed with several Native healers in the Aztec, Karuk(Shasta natives) & Shipibo traditions. If preferred I can teach a much more difficult cleaning from the Shipibo tradition called a Vomitivo (fascinating even in simple explanation with a small demonstration taught to me by Maestra Estella from Iquitos Peru. I have helped many heal with this method. A method of removing Mal Aire or Sustos (bad airs or frights that get stuck in the body until plants help guide them out). These are often methods used to open a dieta and to acquaint a new comer with their elimination abilities through the body. Another Workshop could be how to use Tobacco both in tea (as a dieta, very small quantity & how and why it is used to smoke and why the Shipibo do not inhale traditionally except for specific reasons (all of this will be explained as the teachings of Maestra Estella(Ayahuasca Shaman).