Mapacho and the Divine Architecture of Karma

w/ Todji


This is a Tobacco / Mapacho workshop during which I will talk about working with Tobacco as a medicine, transmission teachings of the Divine Architecture of Karma, why Tabaqueros can administer all plant medicines, how illness heals, tools for clearing your karma with your conscience, and the secret of the winged heart.  Tabacco is a medicine of prayer, and prayer is an expression of our consciousness. So what is our next highest prayer?  We can ask for our next highest prayer in a prayer!  I believe that all our prayers are answered, sometimes quickly, and sometimes over the course of future incarnations.  The focus of this workshop, and of my spiritual practice, is about purification of our eternal spirit.  I will also talk about the ancient technology of the Amazonian Master Plant dietas that I administer, and at the end I will offer Sopladas.  


Bio: Todji is a Tabaquero / Curandeiro, sculptor, and musician. During his Tabaquero apprenticeship Todji completed sixteen dietas with Amazonian master trees and was trained in cooking tree medicines and administering dietas by world renowned master Tabaquero Ernesto Garcia. Previous to that Todji dieted five other Amazonian master plants with the Shipibo and Yawanawa tribes.  At the beginning of his training in 2008 Todji was called to heal himself from 6 years of life threatening illness, ten years of poisoning from an Amazonian master plant, spiritual attack during ceremonies in the deep Amazon, and survive three near death experiences. Todji has practices in three Amazonian Sacred Plant Medicine lineages: Templo Ampiri, Shipibo and UmbanDaime.  Todji lived in Brazil for two years, and Peru for one year during his apprenticeships, and speaks Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. Todji has played drums in Brazil during carnival for audiences of 40,000 people in the streets, and studies Brazilian percussion with master percussionist Dudu Fuentes, and Brazilian guitar with master Santo Daime guitarist Ireneu Barse.  Todji facilitates sacred plant Meditations and offers master plant dietas near Portland Oregon.