Medicine Wheel Plant Ceremony

w/ Andy Swanson


We will gather with the intension of healing ourselves, our communities, and our relationships to all life. This format will explore the power plants carry to generate, transform and move energy. Our work is simply to ask for assistance, and then allow for help. A plant will be established as a guardian for each of the four directions. There will be ample time for prayers, stories, music, and silence.

Bio: Andy has worked for 17 years as a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon. Throughout this time he has prioritized his own healing path as a means of understanding better the relationship between humans and the rest of life. How can we best connect and be of service to the world we inhabit? How can the world we inhabit connect and be of service to Us? We live in a sea of energy that momentarily manifests into form. Here we are. How can we make the most of this formidable experience? These are the questions that guide his life, and often become a central theme of his work with others.