Offerings to Creator ~ a hands on approach to incense crafting

w/ Jonathan Hasler

Through calling in the directions and engaging with an individualized conversation, we learn to say our prayers through the labor of traditional incense making.

Each participant will sit with an assortment of herbs/resins to burn and hand select for their own blend.

The participant will stone grind their selected resin and create their own incense stick in harmony with their prayers to create a vehicle of transformation as the smoke goes up as an offering to the divine.

Facilitated by Jonathan Hasler:
A visionary experience at a young age left me with two notions that would guide my life. Shamanism and Incense.

I spent many years as a student of Shamanic Journeying, and over the last year, I am slowly  realizing how significant that breadcrumb of Incense Truly was.

My hobby of making incense cones as Christmas presents has now turned into a way for me to pray and express my gratitude to Creator. Creating this incense has become a vehicle of transformation and a way to share my intention through no other filter but my offering.