Softening into Self Love with Rose Medicine

w/ Amy Terepka


Rose is an incredibly loving plant spirit that can help guide us into loving relationship with ourselves. She helps us feel safe enough to slowly unwind tension patterns, chronic hyper-vigilance, and areas in our body we haven’t been inhabiting. She is an incredible ally for helping us soften and receive  love from both ourselves and Life itself. 


So many of us have been taught that it’s not ok to fully love ourselves. We’re constantly marketed to with the messaging that we’re not enough, that we need to change how we look or who we are in order to be more lovable. It’s not uncommon to have tension patterns in the body that mirror how we’ve closed off from parts of ourselves, out of shame, fear, or otherwise.


In this workshop we will talk about the importance of embodiment, practice feeling into our bodies to track patterns, and arrive back home. We will invite rose medicine to help us connect to our inner landscape, our body’s wisdom, and soften the hardened places that have kept us closed off to our own love.  


Bio: Amy Terepka, has been a bodyworker and energy healer for 15 years, and has held ceremony and taught plant spirit medicine, energetic techniques, embodiment, and seasonal healing for the past 10 years.


She has a deep understanding of the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and is passionate about helping individuals reconnect with their bodies and the Earth, particularly with the support from the plant realms. She offers a unique, holistic approach to healing through her practice, Groundwater Healing, which includes an embodied approach to spiritual medicine. 


She runs The Golden Stone Wisdom School, a place where we remember our belonging to ourselves and the wider forces of Life, through embodied spiritual medicine, and animistic encounters.


You can learn more about Amy’s and her work at