This is a sacred and safespace to meditate, stretch out, lay and rest, nap and rejuvenate or simply process all of the wonderful things happening. I would offer several times a day 20 to 30 minute meditation Cycles to assist and integrating all of the experiences and to settle down, ground, and provide a peaceful and calm environment. I would provide rugs and pillows and meditation cushions for people to use in a cozy comfortable nest, a sort of Refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the other activities and workshops. A small sanctuary to come together and to be intentionally silent an introspective. Participants could sit with plants, tinctures and medicines if they like they could bring some to share, or just bring themselves and sit peacefully.
facilitated by:
Sarra Sabra ~ I am a longtime meditator, Dharma teacher, youth organizer, and student of plant medicine for many years. I have also provided the nest experience at beloved Festival, School of forest medicine retreats, pickathon Festival, City repair events, including the village building convergence, and various Dharma events including Dharma school and Dharma Camp every year. I have found that providing a safe and warm Sanctuary for people to sit and be silent together has been very enlightening and necessary. It has been very rewarding to help bring people together in an inviting space to rest and rejuvenate while integrating. Oh, a sort of Village Refuge.