During our time together we will enter into a ritual space centered around reciprocity with the Land and the sacred act of putting seeds in the ground, as participants are encouraged to explore their personal relationship with seeds. As preface to the ritual we will discuss the multidimensional field of infinite potentiality that seeds possess, the idea of song as nourishment for seeds, and the power of blessing as a way to invite reciprocal relation with the plant world. Using singing as the journey medium, we will set magical intentions for ourselves and the planet, call in our plant allies and benevolent ancestors, lightly trance, and create seed bombs. There will be space in this ritual to listen for and express our own Seed Songs and offer our songs as blessings to the seeds that we put in the ground. With permission from the Land stewards, ideally we will plant some during the ritual. Participants will leave with seed bombs to plant in their home communities.

co-facilitated by:
Luckey Bunny and Tasya Herskovits ~ with Luckey Bunny mainly holding the Seed aspect, and Tasya mainly holding the Song aspect. We have spent much time in nature together immersed in the plant world, and are excited to get to share this deep passion for reciprocity with others.