Siberian Cedar Breathwork Ceremony

w/ Igor

Connect to the spirit of your highest vibration by accessing the life force of your Breath. With the medicine of Siberian Cedar Tea and consciously connected breathwork, you will be taken on a transformational journey.

Expand your consciousness by shifting into thriving everyday, awakening a state of constant bliss.

This is a safe place of self acceptance, harmony and prosperity. Nourish your spirit, rejuvenate your body, and restructure your mind. Swim in the ocean of limitless possibilities under the rainbow of unconditional Love.  

Bio: Igor incorporates diverse forms of expression through vocal tuning, chanting, visualization, and sound healing using instruments from his native land and around the globe. He connects us to this creative frequency with facilitation of ancient breathwork practices to create a safe multi-sensory transformative experience. Igor has helped many individuals manage pain and overcome major energetic blocks keeping people feeling trapped such as addiction, grief, anxiety, and sleep issues. Igor is very passionate about plants, connecting people, places, and practices, especially within his own Siberian culture, as well as to Native Hawaiian and Native American wisdom paths.