Smudging, Saining, & Smoke Cleansing

w/ Tarah Green

We explore the power of smoke cleansing, blessing, and consecrating with awareness of cultural significance in the Americas, Europe, and around the world, from the origins and etymology the words and language we use to describe these practices, to the variety of plants used and their medicinal properties. We observe and commune with a variety of plants used for smoke cleansing and chant in song together while experiencing the power of smoke cleansing techniques and beliefs.  


Bio: Tarah Green was born in Kalispel territory of north Idaho, raised by her Grandmother, a concentration camp survivor who passed down folk wisdom to her from the old world. After studying psychology at EWU and deepening her passion for human origins and the mystery of the psyche and Soul, she went on to practice and study magic for 9 years, deepening her understanding through cultural connections of her own lineage as well as that of the land she stewards. She now attends Priestess College at the Goddess temple of Ashland, and runs her own business as a divination Priestess, utilizing the practice of smoke cleansing in her personal life and in her work as a Priestess.