2022 Plants enChant Workshops

Deep Herbalism & the Gaian Folk Perspective

w/ Morgan Brent

Abuelo Tabaco

w/ Andres Duque

Shamanism and Plant Totems

w/ Jan Kinsey

Transformational Breathwork and Sound Healing with Mugwort

w/ Eostar Kamala & Mathias

Heart of Nature

Song Circle

w/ Shiloh Circle

Cacao Ritual

w/ Eostar Kamala & Mathias

Songs for the
Elements & Plants

w/ Leora Borealis

Kava Social


We are the Alder People:

Renewing Ancestral Roots in a Clear-cut Culture

w/ Scott Kloos

Medicine Wheel Plant Ceremony

w/ Andy Swanson

Blue Lotus Ceremony

w/ Lindsay Liana Sophia

Dancing in the Dream Time

 Mugwort Sleepover

w/ Rosie Kenny & Adam Rivenbark

Yarrow Ceremony

w/ Jan Kinsey

How to perform a Limpia

w/ Eric York


w/ Morgan Brent

Mugwort Introduction To Moxibustion

w/ Stephanie Wirth L.Ac.

2021 Plants enChant Workshops

Oak Ceremony

Join us in ceremony with oak. We will start with an oak elixir and us the flower essence of oak. We will doing shamanic journeys to the spirit of the oak tree. We will be singing oak songs, sitting in silence with the oak; working, breathing and being oak.

Oak tree has been calling to us . One of the attributes of oak is that it assists in the recuperation after a long depression. As we come out of COVID and back into community, we ask for the assistance of oak.

“Oak supports extraordinary stamina, tenacity, and endurance. It teaches perseverance without rigidity and that true strength comes through joy, helping people to stand strong in what may be the harshest storms of their lives.”
– Carole Guyett (Sacred Plant Initiations)

Jan Kinsey utilizes shamanic healing practices and energy work to address underlying causes that are manifesting as dis-ease or emotional imbalances. Originally from Norway, he now calls Cascadia home. He has been studying shamanism and hands-on healing for close to 25 years. The last 4 years have been spent working with spiritist healers in Brazil, working with visionary plants, and completing an intensive shamanic training program.


Creating Your Own Plant Songs

We will commune with each other and our already-known plant friends through songs of invocation and praise. We will then venture out on the land with guided prompts to listen and receive the new songs that are pulsing in the forest around us. We will re-convene for a time of rich sharing to weave our findings. Inspiration and instruction will be offered for how to create different types of plant songs.

Fifteen years ago, the plants turned Hanna Leigh’s life around. She was headed down a path of religious dogma, and perhaps a more conventional American life, when the plants majorly woke her up and showed her a more expansive way. Her life has been rich with mystery and adventure ever since. One of the many gifts of working with the plants has been the deepening into her authentic singing voice, and she currently leads private and group work to support people in discovering the medicine of their unique voices. She loves this gathering, which weaves her two primary passions of music and earth connection.

Breathwork with Mugwort

Eostar is going to teach a particular type of breathwork Pranayama that will allow the participants to experience a deep state of relaxation and experience out-of-body dreamlike states. In this heightened state of consciousness we will engage our senses to experience what is beyond physicality. With the help of Mugwort, the lucid-dreaming herb, we will be experiment with intensifying and enhancing the texture, resolution and complexity of our inner visions.

ESZTER GAVALLER a.k.a. EOSTAR KAMALA When I was 21 years old, I read a book by Rudiger Dahlke: “Illness, the Language of the Soul”. This book defined the way I approached the healing of physical symptoms from that point on. I wanted to dig deep into the root where illness forms. In my twenties I got through graduate school to become a school-teacher, but I had no real interest in that career. I was an artist and a healer at heart, as I started to find out. While training with an art teacher and becoming a painter, training with a music teacher and becoming a musician, I was also very drawn to yoga and spirituality. I completed my yoga teacher training and went on to be a devotional musician, sound healer, yoga teacher and devotional/visionary visual artist. Later I moved to California and founded a devotional music band with my partner with whom we toured extensively and recorded albums. This took a lot of my time and energy but at the same time I was also very drawn to live out my passion to help myself and others heal.

Even though the music and art I was engaging in was healing in nature, I continued searching for more clues as far as the root cause of illness and how it could be cured. I spent years figuring out what diet allows for the best results in my health. For 6 years I was an avid “raw-foodist” vegan, I even worked at a healing center as a “raw chef” and taught classes. Raw Living Foods helped me with detox, I kicked a few major chronic symptoms, and yet I felt that my journey with food was mostly just a coping tool. In 2011 I took Elena Tonetti’s “Birth Into Being” facilitator training. ( www.birthintobeing.com). That same year I also completed “Theta Healing – Level 1 training” with Judy Dragon. Both of these modalities were effective in my own personal healing and I felt like I was on the right track in searching for the ultimate recovery and the ultimate way to help others as well. I continued apprenticing with Elena Tonetti and held several Birth Into Being retreats at Harbin Hotsprings in California.

Around this time I got deeply involved with ancient teacher plants – Ayahuasca and Huachuma – because I felt that through them I was able to access to deepest realms of my psyche where real change and real healing could occur. I studied with a shaman in Peru and I also started facilitating healing sessions for groups. I was ready to move to Peru to deepen into the study of shamanism when I was diagnosed with cancer. In that moment I realized that Ayahuasca, chanting mantras, eating raw foods and painting mandalas was not enough to cure what was denied in the shadow of my psyche and I needed to continue my research into the nature of true healing.

I knew that I needed to change my course and dive even deeper into becoming a healer through healing myself first. I spent a year and a half and lots of money trying to fix myself naturally using a myriad of alternative tools and the help of many health practitioners. Eventually I needed surgery to remove the tumor. However, in spite of the fact that I was not able to shrink the tumor down to nothing, I know that I healed some very ancient and very deep wounds using many different alternative healing modalities, and I am much more of an integrated and whole being than I was before I got through the initiation of cancer.

In the ecstasy of being given a new lease on Life – I took all 5 levels of Michael Brian Baker’s “Anatomy of Awakening” breathwork training (thebreathcenter.com ) and I am about to finish my certification process in that modality. I am passionate about the power of breath in opening pathways to access the hidden and suppressed parts of our being. I continued searching for healing modalities that I could combine with breathwork and that was when I found Gilbert Renaud’s “Recall Healing” ( www.recallhealing.com) – of which I completed both Level 1 and Level 2 trainings.

In this moment I work with several clients helping them heal, among them cancer-patients. I combine inner child work, parts work, ancestral healing, birth trauma and conception trauma healing (Birth Into Being) and breath-work. I also use elements from “Recall Healing” (Gilbert Renaud), “The Completion Process” (Teal Swan), “Radical Forgiveness” (Collin Tipping), Non-Violent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) as well as ancient yogic and shamanic wisdom teachings. I give recommendations for life-style choices through yoga, diet and cleansing practices. I hold sound healing ceremonies and I work with ancient teacher plants. As a whole, I call it “The Life Giving Path”.

My website: www.eostar.net/healing-and-yoga

Plants and the Pandemic

A community sharing on how our plant allies helped us thru it…

Morning Yoga

A simple haha flow yoga classes including pranayama, mantra, asana and meditation. A grounding and uplifting practice to center ourselves and prepare our vessels to commune with the plants and channel their songs.

Clair practices and shares yoga focused on curiosity and awareness which are both essential for our health and our ability to communicate with plants, elements and our guides. We will remember that all yoga poses and practices are inspired by nature and cultivate that energy to nourish our relations to the plants and elements. During the class we will explore our senses and their capacity to resonate with the plants and spirits surrounding us.

Shamanism and Plant Totems

Join us in shamanic journeys to meet a plant spirit that is ready and willing to work with you. You will explore what its medicine is for you and how you can develop a relationship with this plant.

Jan Kinsey utilizes shamanic healing practices and energy work to address underlying causes that are manifesting as dis-ease or emotional imbalances. Originally from Norway, he now calls Cascadia home. He has been studying shamanism and hands-on healing for close to 25 years. The last 4 years have been spent working with spiritist healers in Brazil, working with visionary plants, and completing an intensive shamanic training program.


Flower Essences

Flower Essences are encoded with the vibrational imprints of flowers for a gentle daily immersion of plant medicine and wisdom that helps bring the heart back home. They can be used to enhance emotional well being and awareness. Although safe and gentle, they are simultaneously potent catalysts for creating positive new habits and making empowering choices. They can be used as an aid in transitioning through many of life’s varying circumstances and can also become important tools for personal growth. Bringing flower essences into your life invites you to begin living more fully and aligned with your path. As you do so, you will inevitably experience more peace, happiness, fulfillment and harmony.

In this workshop you will:

identify which plants are calling you to work with them
get a download on some ways to use flower essences
learn to make a Mother Essence and how to transform it into a dosage formula
make you own custom Flower Essence Blend

21 person limit, all materials are included

Devjeet is a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner. She has been working with clients since 2015 when she completed her Flower Essence Practitioner Program at Woman Rising Mystery School with Joanne Ameya Cohen. She completed the sacred birthing doula program in 2018 and offers this service through her consultations using flower essences as a complementary therapy to empower families through pregnancy, birth and after birth. She is an herbalist, organic farmer, kundalini yoga teacher, nature lover and business owner. Her passion is living a connected and meaningful life!

Sacred Rest Stop

This is a sacred and safespace to meditate, stretch out, lay and rest, nap and rejuvenate or simply process all of the wonderful things happening. I would offer several times a day 20 to 30 minute meditation Cycles to assist and integrating all of the experiences and to settle down, ground, and provide a peaceful and calm environment. I would provide rugs and pillows and meditation cushions for people to use in a cozy comfortable nest, a sort of Refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the other activities and workshops. A small sanctuary to come together and to be intentionally silent an introspective. Participants could sit with plants, tinctures and medicines if they like they could bring some to share, or just bring themselves and sit peacefully.

facilitated by:
Sarra Sabra ~ I am a longtime meditator, Dharma teacher, youth organizer, and student of plant medicine for many years. I have also provided the nest experience at beloved Festival, School of forest medicine retreats, pickathon Festival, City repair events, including the village building convergence, and various Dharma events including Dharma school and Dharma Camp every year. I have found that providing a safe and warm Sanctuary for people to sit and be silent together has been very enlightening and necessary. It has been very rewarding to help bring people together in an inviting space to rest and rejuvenate while integrating. Oh, a sort of Village Refuge.

Cacao Ceremony


Plants Sing us into Existence

In describing the ongoing plant-informed, animistic practices of becoming in which I regularly participate, I’ve found myself using the word “accentuate” more and more. I was delighted to find that the etymological root of “accentuate” is the latin “cantus” meaning “song.” This resonates with my experience—the plants literally sing us into existence. Join me in working with the tonality and vibration of plant-song as we more intimately engage with the living Earth and ask ourselves: How will our vegetal kin accentuate our own potential for energetic orientation as we open ourselves to and embody their archetypal teachings and posturing?

Scott Kloos—ceremonialist, author, wildcrafter, plant medicine maker and practitioner, animist, singer of plant songs, and aspiring integral ecologist—guides The School of Forest Medicine and Cascadia Folk Medicine and is author of Pacific Northwest Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 120 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness. Through his writing and his facilitation of co-created spaces of learning and healing, he explores various ways of working with plants and their medicine, relationships with our nonhuman kin, and ecologically integral modes of engaging with and thinking with the community of life.

Galactic Language Activation & PrayerSongs

After receiving a verbal sound healing transmission from Grand Master Li-Tian from his Universal Toaist Alchemy practice called Tian Gong, AshEL Seasunz started incorporating Celestial Language into his healing and musical offerings. Celestial Language uses voice and sounds to do heaiIngs and communicate at soul level. Learn how to heal, pray, and communicate with each other and existence beyond the current limitations of language. PrayerSongs are opportunities to receive prayers as songs to the ancestors, soul, or other specific issues.

AshEL SeaSunZ Eldridge is a creative immersed in healing arts. He is a TEDx speaker, founder of and performer with music/art collective, Earth Amplified, and a vocalist with West African/West Oakland band Dogon Lights. www.LyftRapper.com is his critically acclaimed ridshare webisode. Soulestial Church, brings a unique perspective to spiritual world music, transmitting stories and ceremonial songs from spirit. His latest project, EFAM: Essential Foods and Medicine, provides community immunity and ecological restoration by bringing essential foods and medicines for all. He is a believer in the power of sound, meditation, and plant consciousness for global transformation.

Tobacco/Mapacho as Medicine

Todji is offering a Tobacco/Mapacho workshop during which he will talk about working with Tobacco as a medicine, teachings of the Divine Architecture of Karma, why Tabaqueros can administer all medicines, how illness heals, and Todji will offer Sopladas.

Todji is a Tabaquero / Curandeiro, sculptor, and musician. During his Tabaquero apprenticeship Todji completed sixteen dietas with Amazonian master trees and was trained in cooking medicines and administering dietas by world renowned master Tabaquero Ernesto Garcia. At the beginning of his training starting in 2008 Todji was called to heal himself from 6 years of life threatening illness, ten years of poisoning from an Amazonian master plant, spiritual attack during ceremonies in the deep Amazon, and survive three near death experiences. Todji has dieted master plants with the Shipibos in Peru, has participated in many Brazilian indigenous ceremonies, and has participated in Santo Daime and Umbanda Daime ceremonies in the US and Brazil. Todji married and lived in Rio de Janeiro and has traveled extensively in Peru to work with sacred plant medicines. Todji is studying Brazilian percussion with master percussionist Dudu Fuentes, and Brazilian guitar with master Santo Daime guitarist Ireneu Barse.

Songs for the Elements and Plants

Come join a song circle focused on songs about elements and plants. Through call and response we learn songs that honor the wind, fire, earth water and how these elements live and move through us. Calling in our plant allies, we will sing songs for the plants. We will sing sweet songs and also warrior songs of resilience.

Leora has always loved to sing and has an encyclopedic memory for songs. She has collected songs from 12 years attending Singing Alive and has a song for every occasion and moment. Being a part of this singing community inspired her to study to art of song leading and helped her bloom into a song carrier. Leora loves time in nature, especially swimming and sunbathing, and uses plant allies on daily basis for health and healing. Her favorite plant medicine is Cacao, which inspired her business “Leora’s Chocolates”. Blending her interest in herbs and cacao she created Herbal Cacao Elixirs that you can find at stores in the Northwest and on her website, www.leoraschocolates.com.

Rose Code Activation

The Rose codes are awakening as the divine feminine within all beings is rising. Join me in the temple of the Celestial Rose for a divine activation. In this ceremonial workshop, we will be communing deeply with the codes of the Rose. We are encouraged to explore her through all our senses. We will invoke the spirit of the Rose in guided meditation and song with the opportunity to enjoy her in tea, petal and flower essence form and maybe more : ) . We will also talk about the teachings of the Rose and ways to incorporate rose in everyday life as well as in devotional ritual space. There will also be space for sharing.

Alta Ma ~Inter-Galactic Earth Mama~ is an intuitive guide, ceremonialist, plant medicine advocate and sound alchemist. She encourages people to remember their essence and radiate their heart’s truth, awakening the magic within and expanding the heart from fear to love. Alta Ma is also a nature enthusiast that has spent decades exploring and communing with the enchantment of Gaia, where she finds inspiration and divine guidance. Alta has devoted herself to the Rose and was initiated into the lineage of Rose Priestess.

Ways of Deep Herbalism

Every year @ Plants enChant we explore yet another facet of Deep Herbalism, plant-inspired teachings that help us navigate terrains of personal, social, and planetary transformation. A theme this year will be Integration from this journey of disruption we been thru, this great collective ceremony of deaths and rebirths, both little and big. The plants have helped us to see the many things that are possible, to experience how magic can happen. They have given us more faith in ourselves, and urged us to become more self-responsible, to come into our power as humans. We now need to test ourselves, to spread our wings, to get away from the idea that we need anything external to us blossom . We need to practice, to find out where we are blocked, and what are our successes, so we can approach our growth with the help of a teacher in better ways. To mature our engagements with plants, the previous lessons need to be metabolized, be worked thru, to make way for, to give space to, the next level, or grade, of lessons.

Though we will touch on some useful imaginal, self-cultivation practices, such as the column of light, human flowering, and moving thru the pandemic ‘eye of the needle’, much of this discussion on integration will dovetail Deep Herbalist perspectives with those of the Galactic family, which is rapidly ‘outing’ the game of existence, the cyclic forgetting of our origins, and subsequent remembering, that we humans have been playing for millennia. What role do plants play in this ‘age of remembering’ we are entering? In our higher dimensional education? What might it look like when our raised awareness of Nature’s social network has normalized communications between ourselves and other relams of the natural world?

facilitated by:
Morgan Brent ~ an educator, event organizer, and ceremonialist. He received a PhD in anthropology at the Univ. of Hawaii, specializing in the spiritual ecology of medicinal plants. He has worked extensively with plant-inspired wisdoms, and allies himself with Nature’s efforts to ‘save the humans’ thru catalyzing the various dimensions of our evolution. He is a co-founder of Singing Alive events, as well as Plants enChant.



Share plant (and fungi) visions, and related experiences of radical symbiosis, in a group setting. In such ways we may get glimmers and bleed-thrus, or yet fuller expressions, of a greater underlying story now surfacing in the Collective. .

Kava Social


2019 Plants enChant Workshops

Flowering Angel Wash

Flowering Angel Wash A new blossoming of the classic Singing Alive style Angel Wash.  With song, petals, and a gentle water element we honor our co-participants and selves ~ strengthening the transformative work of deeper connection with the plants, our voice and each other.  compassion ~ gratitude ~ presence

Homage to Holy Basil (Sacred Tulasi Devi)

Underlying all practices of devotional service is a PERSONALITY. Vrinda Devi is the forest devi presiding over all plants and animals of the transcendental realm, and she manifests in this world as sacred Tulasi (or holy basil). You will go on a transcendental journey with Hemangi dasi, who has served Tulasi for over four and a half years in Vrinda Devi's own forest and holy land called Vrindavan in India. Through a drop of the ancient Vedic scriptures hear descriptions of sacred Tulasi's unlimited, merciful glories. Connect with her through ancient stories of how she got her exalted...

Human Flowering Creation ~ Song Circle, w/ Morgan Brent

Come co-create an emergence into the Tone Age of Harmonic Bliss! In the tradition of shamanic journeys of transformation, we gathering in circle, close our eyes, and communally sing alive a fertile imaginal space. This Dreamtime visioning allows the deeper currents of Creation to more fully activate the Gaian Dream, our Dream, as it unfurls itself beneath the Sunlight of our Opening Hearts. This will include attunements to attend to recent disturbances in the collective consciousness. May we all flourish Omward thru these Transitional Times! facilitated by:Morgan Brent ~ an educator, event...

Celestial Chant and Personalized Prayer Songs, w/AshEL SeaSunZ

AshEL believes everyone has a song and can channel songs to assist others or as prayers for the world. He will demonstrate by offering personalized medicine songs or freestyle prayers for some of the participants and share his process. Additionally, we will playfully explore and activate our voice, spirit communication, and manifestation power with Star Language/Celestial Speech as transmitted via Grandmaster Le-Tian from Tian Gong. Facilitated by AshEL SeaSunZ ~He is a creative focused on intergenerational healing. He is a TEDx speaker, founder of the music/art collective, Earth Amplified,...

Alchemy of Sound and Chocolate: A Heart and Voice Activation, w/ Kat Alta

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine spirit, most widely known to be used by the ancient Maya. It’s been called “bitter water”, “drink of the gods” and “heart blood”. It is a medicine that works deeply with our heart and subtle bodies to activate, surrender and release so that we may journey closer to the essence of our true being. In this experiential cacao ceremony we will dive deep into the medicine of our heart and sacred sound by expanding our being, coming into heart coherence and finding our voice and unique vibrational frequency. We will journey on the wings of this moment, through...

Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective, Channeling w/ Dante Singh

An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides.  Channeling is a phenomena through which a human being enters a state of consciousness that allows a being from a higher dimension to speak through them automatically. A channel or medium attunes their frequency to the energy of beings in non-physical levels of reality, and through this match of frequencies, telepathic communication takes place. However, you do not need to believe in channeling to benefit from the information shared in the session. facilitated by: Dante...

Blue Lotus Ceremony, w/ Lindsay Liana Sophia

For the past 3 years, I’ve been guided to journey with Blue Lotus in a deep way. She arrived in my life as a teacher to guide me, gently reaching into the depths of my own emotional waters. Through her softness, patience and surrender, I’ve been able to allow light to be shone on the shadows that are oftentimes challenging to allow to the surface. Our ancient relationship with Blue Lotus has all but been forgotten. She wants to be remembered and reawakened as a powerful ally to our flowering process.     In this workshop we will reunite with Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) in ceremony....

Song and Medicine Traditions of the Amazon Rainforest, w/ Drew YoungSpring

An Exploration of how the living cultures of the Amazon Rainforest view song and their relationship to life  and plant medicines, in the jungle and around the world. Drew reviews his time and multiple visits with the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin tribes of the Amazon Rainforest and how these tribes view their place in relation to the current world story. This will also be an opportunity to learn powerful and rare songs. Rhythmic medicine songs and chants! facilitated by:Drew YoungSpring ~ Song Medicine Carrier. Drew is a student of the earth. He has been traveling the Americas learning the wisdoms...

Deepening your Relationships with the Plant Beings – a Shamanic Approach, w/ Jan Kinsey

We’ll use shamanic tools to deepen our relationships with the plants. This multi-dimensional world is very intimate and sensuous. How do we develop strong relationships with them? What’s a plant totem? What’s a plant ally? What are the different forms of communication? Can a forgiveness ritual open up a pathway? How do you bring forth the healing medicine of a plant on physical and energetic levels? facilitated by:Jan Kinsey ~ has been studying shamanism and hands-on healing for close to 20 years. He grew up in Norway and spent a lot of time out in the woods where he met dwarves, elves and...

The Huachuma Mesa w/ Axi Nityananda & Alisonqo Miller

The Huachuma (San Pedro) cactus of the Northern Coast of Peru has been transforming consciousness in spiritual seekers for over 5000 years. Traditional healers from Northern Peru (called Kamasqa Curanderos) use the Huachuma cactus along with a healing altar called the Mesa. The Mesa was born from and grew alongside the wisdom teachings of the sacred cactus. The Mesa is principally a healing tool, whose alignment mirrors the cosmic order and whose artifacts carry a power inherited by the co-creative dance of the Healer, Nature and the Huachuma Cactus.This workshop will introduce participants...

2018 Plants enChant Workshops

Heart of Nature Song Circle, w/ Shiloh Circle

Heart of Nature Song Circle w/ Shiloh Circle Songs in praise of natures wonder and majesty, songs to remember that we are woven intricately and inextricably into the web of life. The wisdom from root to fruit lives inside our bodies, the miraculous seed of creation planted inside our hearts.  Shiloh Circle has been sharing and carrying medicine songs and heart songs since the year 2000. Drawing her sources from across the country from Pagan and Native ceremony to Radical Faerie and Rainbow gatherings, Shiloh writes and teaches her own original music as well. Singing Alive has been a major...

Herbal Infused Washes & Massage, w/ Juliet Thompson

Juliet will incorporate herbal infused washes to a massage, helping people relax, clean up a little bit, and receive light massage. She will use herbal teas and small towels to wash people's extremities and trunk while they are partially clothed on a massage table. This can be followed by light or deep massage using herbally infused lotion that have properties that corresponding to the person's needs at that time. Refreshing attention and therapeutic touch can assist people with trauma, lack of focus, anxiety, or pain. This offering is not a workshop, it will be offered a few hours each day

Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective, Channeling w/ Dante Singh

Plant Teachers, Consciousness, & Medicine from a Celestial Perspective channeling w/ Dante Singh   An exploration of plant consciousness, medicine, and the role of teacher plants through the channeling of celestial guides. Channeling is a phenomena through which a human being enters a state of consciousness that allows a being from a higher dimension to speak through them automatically. A channel or medium attunes their frequency to the energy of beings in non-physical levels of reality, and through this match of frequencies, telepathic communication takes place. However, you do not...

Sacred Seed Planting Ceremony, w/ Luckey Bunny Ananda and Tasya Herskov

During our time together we will enter into a ritual space centered around reciprocity with the Land and the sacred act of putting seeds in the ground, as participants are encouraged to explore their personal relationship with seeds. As preface to the ritual we will discuss the multidimensional field of infinite potentiality that seeds possess, the idea of song as nourishment for seeds, and the power of blessing as a way to invite reciprocal relation with the plant world. Using singing as the journey medium, we will set magical intentions for ourselves and the planet, call in our plant...

The School of Forest Medicine, w/ Scott Kloos

facilitated by: Scott Kloos ~ is a plant medicine practitioner, wildcrafter, and medicine maker. He has been working with the native plants of the Pacific Northwest since the late 90’s. He is the founder and managing director of The School of Forest Medicine and is the owner of Cascadia Folk Medicine, which supplies the community with high-quality, small-batch herbal extracts of the native plants of the region. He was one of the founding members of the Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine in Portland, OR. In his healing practice he works mainly with the psycho-spiritual aspects of plant...

Awakening with Nature Elementals, w/ Camilla Blossom

Open your connection with the spirit of land with song, flower essences, and a guided drum journey to meet the spirits and elementals of the land. We will commune with tree and plant spirits, devas, fairies, elves, gnomes, mermaids, animals, crystals, dragons or meet unicorns and other magical beings. The nature beings will guide us in a ritual to bless the land. Facilitated by:Camilla Blossom Bishop ~ a land and flower essence alchemist, nature intuitive, and soul midwife. She just returned from Big Island of Hawaii where she apprenticed with Pele. She offers land clearing, land ceremony,...

Sylvapolitan Rising: the Ways & Meanings of Human Flowering, w/ Morgan Brent

Plant-inspired teachings that acculture us to the ‘Survival of the Most Loving’.  Go here and here for a brief overview of the Sylvapolitan concept facilitated by: Morgan Brent ~ is an educator, event organizer, song enthusiast, and ceremonialist.  He received a PhD in anthropology at the Univ. of Hawaii, specializing in the spiritual ecology of medicinal plants.  He has worked extensively with plant-inspired wisdoms, and allies himself with Nature’s efforts to ‘save the humans’ thru catalyzing the evolution of our species.  He is the founder of Singing Alive events, as well as Plants...

A Visionary Approach to Creating Herbal Formulas, w/ Nome McBride

Nome loves herbs and is so excited to share some of his approach to formulating herbs in any form. Well look at the concepts behind a solid formulation, and how to customize a personal blend using the methods taught. Suitable for all skill levels and sure to inspire your herbal recipes moving forward!facilitated by:Nome McBride ~ an herbalist, educator, musician, and ceremonialist. He lives part of the year in the Columbia Gorge with his son, where they enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He spends the rest of his time in the Peruvian Amazon. Nome has been teaching throughout the region...

Breathwork: Connecting with Plants Beings & the Earth, w/ Blake Spencer

Breathwork with an emphasis on how our breath connects us to every living creature. A remembrance that we breathe and share the same breath of our plant brothers and sisters and through this process of breathing we can directly download information from the Earth and all plant beings. facilitated by:Blake Spencer ~ My journey began with the burning desire and deep knowing that I brought myself to this earth to help others heal.  Finding my body weighted down like a sunken ship by emotional pain and health issues, I realized first I had to work with myself.  So the work began and with...

Amazonian Plant Medicine Songs, w/ Drew YoungSpring

The Amazonian Medicine Song Circle will incorporate both traditional Amazonian plant medicine songs from the Forest as well as songs that came through Drew during his work with Amazonian plant medicines. Drew will be teaching the songs that he has learned in his journey and his deep work. There will also be teachings and discussion on the traditional Amazonian snuff, hape, as well as other central plant medicines. facilitated by:Drew YoungSpring ~ Song Medicine Carrier. Drew is a student of the earth. He has been traveling the Americas learning the wisdoms of the forests, mountains, deserts,...